Motor oil is crucial for any functioning engine, however, not all drivers are aware that there are four different kinds of motor oil to choose from. At Star Mazda, we’re well-versed on all things motor oil-related and can provide you with expert knowledge and Mazda service specials to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Types of Motor Oil

While you may be aware of why motor oil is so important, you may not know there are four different types of motor oil to choose from. Each motor oil type varies depending on specific use, level of lubrication, and resistance to things like oxidation and grime build-up. These four major motor oil types include full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, and high-mileage motor oil.


Full synthetic motor oil, and its cheaper less lubricating alternate synthetic blend motor oil, provide the highest level of lubrication. While full-synthetic motor oil is far more lubricating than synthetic blend and carries a higher viscosity level, it tends to have a higher price tag. That said, both are the best choice for performance-centric vehicles like the 2020 Mazda3.


Conventional motor oil is the standard, used in most vehicles up until around 75,000 miles. At 75,000 miles, it may be time to transition to high-mileage motor oil, which reduces things like leaks, smog emissions, and grime build-up.


Regardless of what kind of motor oil you need for your engine, we’re bound to have it here at Star Mazda. From our team of skilled Mazda dealers to our well-stocked service center, we’ve got everything you need to make your car run smoothly for thousands of miles to come.