When you enter our Los Angeles Mazda dealership, it’s easy to feel intimidated by all of the options at your disposal. At Star Mazda, we offer new, used, and auto leases that can all seem equally great. That said, our auto experts know that the most ideal path to ownership can depend on your preferences.

First off, there is no right or wrong way to own a Mazda car. We pride ourselves in providing our customers several different purchasing methods and that includes buying new, used, or even leasing. Buying a Mazda brand car brand new comes with its obvious perks, such as the latest in automotive features, and driving the newest model in the Mazda family. That said, new cars do come with a fair amount of expense, and even short auto loans can last more than a couple of years which can be a huge commitment for some drivers.

If you’re trying to avoid commitment, then we suggest leasing. When you lease a car, you’re agreeing to own the car for only a temporary amount of time. Once the lease is up and you’ve paid any ending fees, you can step into another brand-new car. Although, some drivers are looking for both cost-effectiveness and the traditional car ownership experience.

For the budgeting traditionalists, we’d suggest browsing our used selection. Here you’ll find relatively modern Mazda brand vehicles that are priced significantly lower than their newer counterparts. In that same vein, we ensure that each of our used Mazda vehicles will provide you the kind of longevity you should be able to expect from a dealership like Star Mazda.

If you have any questions about which path is right for you, our Mazda finance center is here to help.