We understand that no two drivers are the same, and as such, no two drivers should be expected to take the same path to Mazda ownership. Fortunately, when you visit our Mazda finance center at Star Mazda our financial experts can give you a potential alternative to buying a new car: leasing one instead.

Sometimes buying and becoming a Mazda owner can feel like a lot of responsibility. While this isn’t at all a problem for many of our customers, there are plenty more who truly get satisfaction from leasing a vehicle. Leasing is a little different than buying a car outright, as instead of driving the same car for years, you’ll likely return that same new car after three. Leasing agreements are often cheaper than auto loans too, so they serve as a great option for drivers who want something new but don’t want to break the bank buying it.

Leasing a car does come with its hang-ups, but like buying a car, they come few and far between. When you lease a car, you’re expected to stay within a certain mileage limit. This is hardly an issue if you’re using the car for commuting, as you’ll be fully aware of how many miles you drive every day, however, it may be less ideal for the occasional road trip. Depending on your agreement, you’ll also be expected to pay for any wear and tear on the vehicle once the lease is up.

All that said, leasing gives you the chance to drive something new, allowing you to enjoy all of the latest features that make driving a new Mazda model so spectacular. Star Mazda is a premier dealership in the Glendale area, and as such are committed to providing you with a leasing process that is tailored to your interests and expectations.