Whenever you sit behind a 2019 Mazda model, chances are you’ll be introduced to a suite of premium-level features that are intended to dramatically improve your driving experience. At Star Mazda, we have a list of our top favorites and are excited to share them with you.

With the introduction of new and innovative auto tech, driving experiences are changing, and they’re changing for the better. The Mazda family lineup is packed with some of these top-notch features, and to us, some earn greater recognition than others.

For instance, take Mazda’s Radar Cruise Control with Stop and Go, a feature found on a wide variety of Mazda vehicles like the 2019 Mazda CX-5. This intuitive feature brings cruise control to the next level, allowing you to automatically adjust your speed based on the flow of surrounding traffic.

Another crowd-pleaser in the Mazda features list is the series of infotainment displays that are compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. This seamless infotainment display allows you to seamlessly connect with some of your favorite smartphone apps on the fly, giving you access to things like music, maps, and social media.

One of our top favorite features seems to be right out of science fiction. Introducing the Active Driving Display, a heads up display that is projected onto your windshield giving you real-time information like speed, safety warnings, and route guidance. As a result, you can enjoy a much more streamlined driving experience through and through.

You can experience all of these features and more at Star Mazda. We’re home to a wide variety of vehicles, and new Mazda dealers who are proud to showcase everything that the Mazda brand has to offer.