If you’re looking to purchase a new set of tires, our team at Star Mazda are excited to help you find the perfect fit. On top of being a leading provider of new Mazda cars to the Glendale area, we’ve also earned a reputation for our in-depth knowledge about car maintenance and parts.

Your tires are responsible for so much of your vehicle. On top of providing a source of movement and momentum, they’re also responsible for supporting the weight of your car, and allowing your vehicle to maintain its traction with the road. This is exactly the reason why purchasing the right set of tires is so crucial.

Drivers who are looking to off-road in their vehicle might want to invest in more than just your typical street tires. They’ll want a set that can keep traction on different terrains and have the durability to hold up to the demands of the trail.

Another thing to consider is the load index, which is essentially the amount of weight that your tires can handle. Tires with a low load index may not be ideal for drivers looking to haul or tow cargo. Generally speaking, we’d suggest high load index tires to provide the best performance possible.

You can also purchase a set of tires designed for speed as well as hauling. By keeping an eye on the speed rating, you can ensure your tires won’t quit on you while you’re performing at high speeds. Tires with a high-speed rating, tend to be better equipped to handle the heat and friction caused by high-speed driving.

Regardless if you’re purchasing tires for off-roading or your daily commute, our Mazda parts team at Star Mazda are excited to help you roll away on a set that fit your vehicle and drive style. Tires are important, and with our expert guidance, you can take to the road with complete peace of mind.