When you visit Star Mazda you can expect to find a team of Mazda dealers who strive for customer service excellence, from helping you find the right vehicle to ensuring that your current model is operating at peak performance. We also like to share our knowledge and experience with our customers, and few topics are quite as pressing as summertime car care.

The summer season is an exciting time, filled with road trips, vacations, and beach days. However, it is also a time where your car is most vulnerable to wear and tear. With the summer comes summer heat: your engine’s worst enemy. Heat can cause your parts to wear faster, which if left unchecked can result in some pretty serious repairs.

Fortunately, you can combat summertime heat by having your cooling system serviced. Your cooling system is a combination of parts and components that keep your engine at the optimal temperature. During summer, this system experiences strain, and in order to ensure that everything is up to par, we recommend that you have your cooling system fully inspected by a trained care professional.

While keeping your engine cool is important, keeping the interior cabin, as well as you and all of your passengers cool and comfortable, is a close second. So, before you head into the summer heat, we urge that drivers have their air conditioning system fully checked as well, so that it’s ready to take on the worst this time of the year can deliver.

Here at Star Mazda, we offer all the service you need to prepare for the summer season out of our Mazda service and parts center. No matter what your plans are for the summer season, our team of auto experts can help you take it all on with complete automotive peace of mind.