At Star Mazda, we strive every day to provide our customers with all the services they need from the guidance necessary to purchase a new car to the maintenance needed to keep your vehicle functioning properly. We’re also a Mazda dealership that understands the value of the hard-earned dollar, and why gas mileage is such a big deal for car buyers.

Gas isn’t cheap, and it isn’t getting cheaper any time soon. As gas prices rise, manufacturers are turning towards creating vehicles that optimize fuel efficiency, and are designed to be more conscious about fuel consumption. That said, getting the max amount of your EPA-rated miles per gallon can be a little more challenging than just designing a great car, it also means maintaining good fuel-saving practices.

One fuel-saving practice you can employ to lessen the amount you spend at the pump is to go easy on the accelerator. Every time you press on the gas pedal your burning gas. By relying on momentum versus acceleration you can reduce your fuel consumption and spend less overall.

Another important factor in fuel economy is to replace your vehicle’s air filter. Your engine is a complex piece of machinery and requires clean air to function properly. Your air filters are responsible for providing this clean air and unfortunately can become clogged with debris over time. This excess debris can cause excess strain on your engine and as a result, lead to greater fuel consumption. You can avoid this by seeking out the help of a maintenance expert to inspect and replace your air filters as needed.

In our Mazda service center near Los Angeles, CA, you can expect to find a team of car care experts who will ensure that your vehicle is running at peak performance. No matter if you’re driving something new, used, large, or small, our team at Star Mazda are here to cover all your automotive needs.