If you’re looking to check out some of the latest 2019 Mazda models and receive professional automotive advice from a team of passionate car experts, Star Mazda should be your number one choice. Of all the subjects we discuss with our customers, summer car care has been the most popular as of late.

What does summer car care mean exactly? With summer comes summer heat, and heat can be just as damaging to your vehicle as the cold. In fact, heat is one of the leading causes of engine damage, and with the onset of summer, this excess heat can lead to some serious wear; that is if you don’t know what you can do to mitigate this damage.

There are many important aspects of summer car care, but our team will almost always recommend having your car’s cooling system serviced. Your engine’s cooling system is made up of a variety of components, but at its core is the radiator and coolant. By ensuring these aspects are ready to handle the worst of the summer heat, you can avoid finding yourself stranded on the side of the road with an overheated engine.

We also recommend that drivers have their tires inspected by an auto care professional. While tires ought to be checked all year round, summer often means plenty of road trips, and before you head out on your next excursion, you should ensure that your tires are up for the journey. Heat can cause a tire’s inflation to rise, leading to a harsh ride and poor stability.

At Star Mazda, our team of Mazda service technicians is here to ensure your vehicle is ready for even the worst of the summer season. Contact us today to set up an appointment!