If you’ve ever asked yourself, “is there a reliable Mazda dealer near me that has my best interest in mind?” Star Mazda is your definite answer. At Star Mazda, we strive to not just supply our customers with a wide variety of new and pre-owned Mazda models, but we also make an effort to make the car buying experience as fulfilling as possible.

Out of all of the steps of the car buying process, the financial aspect is often the most demanding. Other elements like browsing our wide selection of 2019 Mazda models, and taking test drives are quite exciting and stress-free when compared to the step of talking money. That said, with proper preparation, you can navigate through the financial part of the car buying experience seamlessly.

For starters, you should determine what you can afford ahead of time. Cars are financial commitments, and if you enter this commitment with an honest perspective of your budget, you can drive away from our dealership, feeling completely satisfied.

Once you’ve figured out your budget ask yourself, “would I prefer to buy a car that is brand new, or certified pre-owned?” Both of these options are worthwhile, however, a certified pre-owned car is almost always going to be cheaper than a new car. Certified pre-owned vehicles are late model vehicles that have received a thorough multi-point inspection from the manufacturer. As a result, a certified pre-owned car can feel practically new when you sit behind the wheel.

All of that said, the best way to make the most out of the financial step of car buying is to have a sales representative by your side that has your best interest in mind, at Star Mazda, you’ll find just that. We are committed to our customer experience and will bend over backward to find the deal that best meets your needs.