When customers visit Star Mazda, they can expect to find a dealership that is passionate about two main things: pre-owned and new Mazda cars and our customer satisfaction. In pursuit of these two passions, we are excited to share with you some of the top road trip destinations near our Glendale, CA car dealership.

Road trips can be a great way to experience travel. While the drives might be long, chances are the sights will be plenty. As a Mazda dealership near Glendale, CA, we understand the value of a great road trip. We have compiled a short list of some of our favorite locales that you can take a road trip to in your Mazda car or SUV.

Just a little over five hours from the streets of Glendale is the legendary Yosemite Valley. One of the country’s most popular National Parks, Yosemite is a spectacular natural wonder that will leave you dumbstruck. From the vaulted canyon walls to the lush wildlife, Yosemite is a great destination for a short road trip.

Up for something a little more coastal? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the place. Set six hours from Glendale, along a remote part of the California coast is the shores of Big Sur. Big Sur is a popular natural tourist attraction that brings in visitors from all across the globe. Visitors can take in remarkable views like the stunning seaside cliffs of McWay Falls. Alternatively, if you’re up for camping, there are plenty of sites that offer magical stays under ancient redwood trees.

California is a beautiful state, and one of the best ways to see it all is from behind the wheel of a Mazda. The technician team in our Mazda service center is happy to inspect your car from bumper to bumper to ensure you are ready to take on the road trip of your dreams. At Star Mazda, you can rest easy knowing that all of your automotive needs are covered.